La visibilité des revues scientifiques francophones sur le plan international : le cas des SIC et d’Études de Communication

“Les Sciences de l’Information et de la Communication sont une discipline spécifiquement française. Les anglo-saxons ont maintenus la différence entre, d’une part, la Library and Information Science et les Communication and Media Studies. Appartenant au champ des SIC la revue Études de Communication aborde à la fois des thématiques propres au champ de la LIS et au champ des media studies. La visibilité des revues francophones à l’international, dans un monde qui s’anglicise de plus en plus, est problématique. Quand le champ scientifique dans lequel s’inscrit une revue n’existe pas en-dehors de la francophonie cette problématique s’intensifie. Il s’agit ici de définir la notion de visibilité et ses enjeux, en général et dans le champ plus spécifique des SIC, de s’interroger sur la place du français dans le monde scientifique et d’envisager un cas pratique, celui d’Études de Communication, avec ses caractéristiques et ses solutions.”


Web Presence of Selected Asian Countries A Webometric…

Web Presence of Selected Asian Countries: A Webometric Study :

“The paper focuses on the Web presence and visibility of websites of Asian countries. The paper tries to highlight the Web presence using some webometric indicators like Internet access, webpages, number of Internet users, and link counts. The study analyzes the web presence using popular search engines like Altavista, Google, Yahoo and MSN. An attempt has also been made to find out the Web Impact Factor (WIF) for selected Asian countries. The result shows that China (43.7%), Japan (16.2%) and India (10.4%) occupy highest web presence amongst Asian countries based on the total number of effective Internet users. China being the second highest number of Internet users having 11.8% after USA (19.7%) followed by India with 4.9% of world Internet Users and Japan is having the highest number of webpages followed by China and South Korea.”


The visibility of Wikipedia in scholarly publications …

The visibility of Wikipedia in scholarly publications :

“Publications in the Institute of Scientific Information’s (ISI, currently Thomson Reuters) Web of Science (WoS) and Elsevier’s Scopus databases were utilized to collect data about Wikipedia research and citations to Wikipedia. The growth of publications on Wikipedia research, the most active researchers, their associated institutions, academic fields and their geographic distribution are treated in this paper. The impact and influence of Wikipedia were identified, utilizing cited work found in (WoS) and Scopus. Additionally, leading authors, affiliated institutions, countries, academic fields, and publications that frequently cite Wikipedia are identified.”


Open Access repositories and journals fo…

Open Access repositories and journals for visibility: Implications for Malaysian libraries :

“This paper describes the growth of Open Access (OA) repositories and journals as reported by monitoring initiatives such as ROAR (Registry of Open Access Repositories), Open DOAR (Open Directory of Open Access Repositories), DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), Directory of Web Ranking of World Repositories by the Cybermetrics Laboratory in Spain and published literature. The performance of Malaysian OA repositories and journals is highlighted. The strength of OA channels in increasing visibility and citations are evidenced by research findings. It is proposed that libraries champion OA initiatives by making university or institutional governance aware; encouraging institutional journal publishers to adopt OA platform; collaborating with research groups to jumpstart OA institutional initiatives and to embed OA awareness into user and researcher education programmes. By actively involved, libraries will be free of permission, licensing and archiving barriers usually imposed in traditional publishing situation.”