Evaluation and publication delay in Ibero-American scientific journals

Authors : Jon Zabala, Borja González-Albo, Ana García-García, Aurora Garrido-Domínguez, José Ignacio Vidal-Liy, Luis R. Álvarez-Díez, Soledad Hernando-Tundidor, Yara Mostazo-Fernández, Teresa Abejón

This article analyses the review, acceptance and publication dates of a sample of 21,890 articles from 326 Ibero-American scientific journals from all subject areas and countries included in the Latindex Catalogue 2.0 and published between 2018 and 2020 (freely available as an open access dataset).

The aim is to discover evaluation and publication times. The evaluation process takes a median of 110 days, the publication process, a median of 82 days, and the whole process, a median of 224 days. Statistical differences are found according to periodicity, subject areas, countries, existence of a printed version and article type (Call for Papers or General articles). From the data we find that the delay in publication is longer than publishers themselves report to the DOAJ.

STEM areas present the most similarity in publication patterns, having a higher number of evaluation days (Ed) than publication days (Pd); Arts and Humanities present the opposite pattern, with a higher Pd than Ed. In the case of Social Sciences, the times are similar. General articles and Call for Papers articles differ in terms of Ed, but not Pd, indicating that Call for Papers revisions are faster.

URL : Evaluation and publication delay in Ibero-American scientific journals

DOI : https://doi.org/10.1002/leap.1497