Value-added services in institutional repositories in Spanish public universities

Authors : Andrés Fernández-Ramos, Leticia Barrionuevo


The aim of the present study was to analyse the value-added services offered by institutional repositories in Spanish public universities.


Information was collected on the main characteristics of repositories in Spanish public universities and the value-added services they offered, using a checklist with twenty-five items divided into three dimensions: information on the repository; information on the records; and instructions for use and dissemination.


We determined the frequency of each value-added service in the repositories included in the study and analysed the main modalities in which these services were offered. We also analysed the similarity between repositories using multidimensional scaling methods.


We found high variability between repositories and indicated that some value-added services were widely offered whereas others were only provided by a few repositories.


We believe that the provision of value-added services could have a direct impact on repository use because such services are related to many of the reasons that explain repository under-utilisation, such as low perceived usefulness, difficulties depositing work and lack of knowledge about what should or can be deposited.