Awareness and Use of Open Access Resources in Higher Education and Scholarly Research: Faculties versus Students Perspectives

Authors : Abdullah- Al- Mahmud, A. K. M. Eamin Ali Akanda, Md. Nazmul Hasan, Md. Armanul Haque, Dilara Begum


The study aims to identify, and to compare the awareness and attitude of faculties and students towards Open Access Resources.


The study employed a mixed method research approach. A survey has been conducted among purposively selected students (52) and faculties (17) through distributing a structured questionnaire(1-5 point likert scale, and open ended).SPSS v.20 and coding method have been used for analyzing quantitative and qualitative data respectively.


Both faculties and students had positive perceptions towards OARs though faculties were more knowledgeable than students in terms of understanding on major OA concepts. Digital format and free availability were considered as motivational factors for using OARs.

Both respondents indicatedplagiarism and copyright violation as important vulnerabilities in using OARs.


This paper highlights the awareness level of faculties and students towards open access resources in higher education in scholarly research. Apart from purposes, sources, preferable model, and state of publication in open access mode, the study focuses on motivational factor, vulnerabilities, and integration of open access resources in higher education and scholarly research from faculties and students perspectives which demonstrateits originality.


It would generate awareness among the academics, library professionals as well as OA publishers topromote OARs for wider use.