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Funding models for Open Access digital data repositories


The purpose of this paper is to examine funding models for Open Access (OA) digital data repositories whose costs are not wholly core funded. Whilst such repositories are free to access, they are not without significant cost to build and maintain and the lack of both full core costs and a direct funding stream through payment-for-use poses a considerable financial challenge, placing their future and the digital collections they hold at risk.


The authors document 14 different potential funding streams for OA digital data repositories, grouped into six classes (institutional, philanthropy, research, audience, service, volunteer), drawing on the ongoing experiences of seeking a sustainable funding for the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI).


There is no straight forward solution to funding OA digital data repositories that are not wholly core funded, with a number of general and specific challenges facing each repository, and each funding model having strengths and weaknesses. The proposed DRI solution is the adoption of a blended approach that seeks to ameliorate cyclical effects across funding streams by generating income from a number of sources rather than overly relying on a single one, though it is still reliant on significant state core funding to be viable.

Practical implications

The detailing of potential funding streams offers practical financial solutions to other OA digital data repositories which are seeking a means to become financially sustainable in the absence of full core funding.


The review assesses and provides concrete advice with respect to potential funding streams in order to help repository owners address the financing conundrum they face.

URL : http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/OIR-01-2015-0031

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Livre blanc sur les données ouvertes

« Ce livre blanc propose de faire un état des lieux sur le mouvement open data et les données ouvertes. Il présente notamment les aspects clés du sujet (juridiques, techniques, économiques), afin que tous ceux qui veulent se lancer dans l’aventure de l’open data puissent mieux en évaluer la nature et les multiples facettes. »

URL : https://halshs.archives-ouvertes.fr/halshs-01162692

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25 juin 2015 · 10 h 48 min

A Platform for Closing the Open Data Feedback Loop Based on Web2.0 Functionality

« One essential characteristic of open data ecosystems is their development through feedback loops, discussions and dynamic data suppliers – user interactions. These user-centric features communicate the users’ needs to the open data community, as well to the public sector organizations responsible for data publication. Addressing these needs by the corresponding public sector organizations, or even by utilising the power of the community as ENGAGE supports, can significantly promote and accelerate innovation. However, such elements appear barely to be part of existing open data practices in the public sector. A survey we conducted has shown that professional open data users find the feedback and discussion on open data infrastructures from their users to their providers as highly useful and important, but they state that they do not know at least one open data infrastructure that provides various types of discussion, and feedback mechanisms.

In this paper we describe and discuss an open data platform, which contributes to filling this gap and also present a usage scenario of it, explaining the sequence of using its functionality. The discussed open data infrastructure combines functionalities that aim to close the feedback loop and to return information to public authorities that can be useful for better government data opening and publication, as well as establishing communication channels between all stakeholders. This may effectively lead to the stimulation and facilitation of value generation from open data, as such functionality positions the user at the centre of the open data publication process. »

URL : A Platform for Closing the Open Data Feedback Loop Based on Web2.0 Functionality

Alternative URL : http://www.jedem.org/article/view/327/270

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12 décembre 2014 · 13 h 30 min

Issues in the development of open access to research data

« This paper explores key issues in the development of open access to research data. The use of digital means for developing, storing and manipulating data is creating a focus on ‘data-driven science’. One aspect of this focus is the development of ‘open access’ to research data. Open access to research data refers to the way in which various types of data are openly available to public and private stakeholders, user communities and citizens. Open access to research data, however, involves more than simply providing easier and wider access to data for potential user groups. The development of open access requires attention to the ways data are considered in different areas of research. We identify how open access is being unevenly developed across the research environment and the consequences this has in terms of generating data gaps. Data gaps refer to the way data becomes detached from published conclusions. To address these issues, we examine four main areas in developing open access to research data: stakeholder roles and values; technological requirements for managing and sharing data; legal and ethical regulations and procedures; institutional roles and policy frameworks. We conclude that problems of variability and consistency across the open access ecosystem need to be addressed within and between these areas to ensure that risks surrounding a data gap are managed in open access. »

URL : http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/08109028.2014.956505

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19 novembre 2014 · 21 h 46 min

Publishing the British National Bibliography as Linked Open Data

« This paper describes the development of a linked data instance of the British National Bibliography (BNB) by the British Library. The focus is on the development of an RDF (Resource Description Framework) data model and the technical process to convert MARC 21 Bibliographic Data to Linked Data using existing resources. BNB was launched as linked open data in 2011 on a Talis platform. In 2013 it was migrated to a new platform, hosted by TSO. The paper discusses issues arising from the development, implementation and running of a linked data service. It also looks ahead to plans for future developments »

URL : Publishing the British National Bibliography as Linked Open Data

Alternative URL : http://www.bl.uk/bibliographic/pdfs/publishing_bnb_as_lod.pdf

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28 octobre 2014 · 22 h 58 min