A Guide to Web Preservation. Practical advice for web and records managers based on best practices from the JISC-funded PoWR project

The Preservation of Web Resources project (JISC PoWR) was funded by the JISC in order to identify emerging best practices for the preservation of web resources. The project was provided by UKOLN and ULCC and ran from April through to November 2008. A number of workshops were organised to help identify emerging best practices, and a blog was established to raise awareness of this work and to gain feedback on the approaches being taken by the JISC PoWR team.

The project handbook was published in November 2008. Since then we have seen a growing awareness of the importance of digital preservation in general and in the preservation of web resources (including web pages, web-based applications and websites) in particular.

The current economic crisis and the expected cuts across public sector organisations mean that a decade of growth and optimism is now over – instead we can expect to see reduced levels of funding available within the sector which will have an impact on the networked services which are used to support teaching and learning and research activities.

The need to manage the implications of these cutbacks is likely to result in a renewed interest in digital preservation. We are therefore pleased to be able to publish this new guide, based on the original PoWR: The Preservation of Web Resources Handbook, which provides practical advice to practitioners and policy makers responsible for the provision of web services.

URL : http://jiscpowr.jiscinvolve.org/wp/files/2010/06/Guide-2010-final.pdf