Catalyst Grants Program : Creative Commo…

Catalyst Grants Program :
Creative Commons is investing up to $100,000 to empower individuals and communities deeply rooted in the principles of openness and sharing. With the Catalyst Grants program, Creative Commons will seed activities around the globe that support our mission. Our goal is to scale our community’s efforts and support them in becoming self-sustainable. Through a rigorous public review and transparent evaluation process, the best proposals, submitted by CC Jurisdiction Teams and the broader community, will be selected to receive $1,000–$10,000 to make their ideas a reality.

Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network …

Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN) :
CKAN is a registry or catalogue system for datasets or other “knowledge” resources. CKAN aims to make it easy to find, share and reuse open content and data, especially in ways that are machine automatable.
Those familiar with software services like freshmeat, CPAN, or apt can think of CKAN as providing an analogous service for content and data.


The National Digital Library Project : T…

The National Digital Library Project :
The National Digital Library Project (NDLP), which was launched in 2005, has attracted wide attention across Chinese society. This paper introduces the project, and covers its basic characteristics, objectives, and content. It also explains the basic concepts and the overall structure of the project and gives an introduction to the design of its basic platform, application platform, business management system and its standardization control system. As of the end of 2009, the National Library of China maintained over 320 TB of digital resource. Finally, the article also presents the digital resources involved, including collection policies, such as the collection of web information and new media.

Building the New-generation China Academ…

Building the New-generation China Academic Digital Library Information System (CADLIS): A Review and Prospectus :
China Academic Digital Library Information System (CADLIS) is a national project funded by the Chinese government and steered by the National Administrative Center for China Academic Library Information System (CALIS) which is a nation-wide academic library cooperative with over one thousand member libraries in China. By leveraging cloud computing technology, the new-generation CADLIS is an open framework and infrastructure, designed to help academic libraries to build and support large-scale federated academic digital libraries of high-quality scholarly information resources which are constructed and shared by CALIS members. This paper gives an overview of CALIS and CADLIS, and then describes two kinds of services, the overall architecture and interoperability of new-gen CADLIS, the related standards and specifications, newly-built and imported digital resources, etc. It concludes by discussing the current status and future development of CADLIS.