EUNIS Research Workshop : Research Infor…

EUNIS Research Workshop : Research Information Systems as a core driver for the European Research Area :
Trends and insight of Research Information Systems for Higher Education Institutions in Europe. Collaboration opportunities to improve research information availability and sharing, towards the development of an European Research Area.

Overview of Open Access Models for eBook…

Overview of Open Access Models for eBooks in the Humanities and Social Sciences :
A new survey of Open Access book publishing confirms a wide variety of approaches, as well as a continuing search for the optimal publishing- and business models. While Open Access is still in an experimental phase of trying out new models, and tracking the readers’ online and offline preferences to gauge the best way forward, some trends and patterns have started to emerge.
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Open access publishing: a viable solutio…

Open access publishing: a viable solution for society publishers :
The open access (OA) business model has established itself as a viable alternative to traditional subscription-based publishing and is an option that societies should now realistically consider for their journals. This paper outlines how the OA model can work for societies, and presents a number of case studies that demonstrate how it is already working in practice.

The Role of Open Access in Fostering Kno…

The Role of Open Access in Fostering Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration in Ethiopia: a case study :
This study adopts a qualitative approach and uses the case study method. Fourteen researchers and librarians were interviewed in four organizations in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The responses based on the semi-structured interviews provide information about the current status of scholarly communication, the awareness of researchers and librarians about open access and the actual and potential challenges in implementing open access strategies in Ethiopia. This research is believed to illuminate the practicalities and procedures of how open access scholarly communication models could foster and support knowledge sharing and collaboration among Ethiopian researchers. The results of the study show that Ethiopian researchers suffer from lack of adequate access to scholarly literature. There is also lack of scholarly communication outlets to publish and disseminate their research results. This study reveals that the current scholarly communication system in Ethiopia is faced with technological and social challenges. Open access is proposed as a viable alternative for Ethiopia. The research indicates that if Ethiopian universities and research institutions adopt open access policies and strategies, it would help them improve the access and dissemination of scientific research results. A concerted effort is required from administrators, librarians, researchers, funding agencies and government to implement and fully harness open access in Ethiopia.