Use of Scholarly Resources among Researc…

Use of Scholarly Resources among Research Scholars in Pondicherry University :

“In this short article we examine the use of electronic journals by research scholar and consider whether library services need any innovation. Research scholars are the intellectual asset of the University and their production of new knowledge through the practices of research and scholarship lies at the heart of the University’s mission. Yet, without effective and ongoing dissemination of knowledge, the efforts of researchers and scholars are wasted. Dissemination is thus a core responsibility of the University.”


Internet based information sharing in Hi…

Internet based information sharing in Higher Educational Institutional Libraries in India :
“The paper presents the development of computer neteworking and Internet bases services in higher educational institutional libraries in Indian in 21st century, Development of consortial agencies, like Indest is the dominant one in Engineering, Science and Technology while UGC InfoNet for social Sciences”