How to Choose a Format: Consumers’ Evaluation in Choosing a Format for Reading Books in Norway

Author : Linn-Birgit Kampen Kristensen

This article contributes to the discussion of digital versus physical books and sharpens focus on the consumers of books. Using mixed methods, the article explores the emotional relationship between books, information and technology and provides new insight into the importance of habits, the impact of books as symbols of status, format choice and technology acceptance.

The study looks at what are determining factors when choosing a format for reading, and how e-books and physical books compare to each other. Respondents report that their ability to relax with the book is reduced when reading an e-book and that the joy and comfort of reading a book are diminished when reading on a screen.

The results confirm and extend previous research in this area and suggest that emotional value should be included in technology acceptance studies for digital reading.


Education, Research and Open Access in Norway

“Norway is a small country with a quite centralised research infrastructure. Building good services for Open Access infrastructure is simplified by having one major research funder, one national CRIS and one key provider of repository services. Politically the Government has expressed in a White paper its commitment to making Norwegian research results openly available. Despite Norwegian research institutions focus on Open Access, institutional policies tend to be vage and based on good intentions. The need for alignment and policy reinforsment is therefor evident, and the PASTEUR4OA project provides a great opportunity for this.”

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