Measuring the Quality of Electronic Journals This…

Measuring the Quality of Electronic Journals :

“This paper presents the methodology developed to create a system to evaluate academic electronic journals. This methodology was developed in two stages. In the first stage, a system to evaluate electronic journals was created. The criteria framework and the indicators for assessment for academic electronic journals were selected and defined. According to this framework, several questions were designed to measure each indicator and, as a result, an instrument to evaluate academic electronic journals was built. In the second stage, this instrument was validated by 16 editors of electronic journals of different countries and different areas of knowledge that were considered as judges to evaluate clarity, importance, relevance and coverage of each question, indicator and criteria. This instrument was distributed by e‑mail. The opinions given by the judges were processed and then used to help in the construction of a new instrument that is ready to be presented to the Mexican Council of Scientific Research in order to evaluate Mexican academic electronic journals.”