Briefing paper on Open Access Business Models for…

Briefing paper on Open Access Business Models for research funders and universities :

“This study covers the types of business model used for open access to publicly-funded research content. Various organizational structures developed to offer open access to publicly-funded research content are examined from the perspective of publicly-funded institutions and
organizations. Business models for publicly-funded institutions can be built from elements which a commercial business model may not include, particularly in respect of the inclusion of non-financial factors. While the cost of open access or any other research dissemination model remains important, the discussion around research dissemination now includes impact, value and benefits. Other non-financial factors – such as copyright assignment – are also understood to be key issues in designing a successful business model for publicly-funded research outputs. Thus in this document the description of each type of open access business model includes the factors which will determine the cost incurred in providing open access, the factors likely to be important in adopting the model, and a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of each open access model from the perspective of research funding agencies and institutions managing the funding of research dissemination. Most of the document relates to research outputs in the form of journal articles but brief descriptions are given of factors important in open access to research data and research monographs.”