Evaporation of Information in Data Trans…

Evaporation of Information in Data Transition Process :

“From a long time ago, information has played a vital role in different aspects of human being life and constantly has flowed in human’s various aspects of life and activities. By progressing of science, profound changes for the meaning of information have accomplished so that it has reached to its modern meaning and significance despite of all relative inadequacies and deficiencies. Since human beings have stepped for transmission and recording of his thoughts unconsciously the meaning of information appeared. First stages of humankind life, meaning of information had been limited to the kind of its carrier, in case inscriptions, papyrus and codex, themselves had been inferred as information and this is the same meaning “solid information “in this domain which has been set with appearances of print industry and possibility prompt duplication of becoming liquid – that is acceptance of each carrier to the amount of that information. At this age this is middle age, information has become liquid and from the book to other electronic information sources, considering to the kind of information carrier, has take other various modes. At this age, organization, dissemination and maintenance of information have been confronted with its own specific challenges. In other words, existing information on an inscription, printed document and or any other type of information carrier could be saved in other carrier simultaneously. This is the same meaning that has been attributed to “liquid information “in the essay. At the close future, however, by appearance of many kinds of computer networks and information systems, this information becomes like gas and would expand in every place without needing to any specific carrier. At this period, one of the characteristics of information concept is instantaneous potential of expansion and instance. Present essay has settled to studying and clarifying of above modes and considering this question “if this information would be convinced to be condensation and change to its old modes?” and what processes on information is covered from production to distribution.”

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