Implementing Finch Conference Session one Dame Lynne Brindley…

Implementing Finch Conference :

Session one: Dame Lynne Brindley pn the implications for the arts, humanities and social sciences

Session two: Professor Tim Blackman and Professor Robert Dingwall on the implications for individual researchers, both within and outside HEIs

Session three: Dame Janet Finch’s opening remarks; Paul Hubbard on the implications for REF 2020; Maureen Duffy and Professor Charlotte Wealde on the implications for authors rights and IPR; Jude England on the implications for academic libraries

Day two: opening remarks from Professor Martin Hall; The future for publishing learned society journals with Dr David Green (Routledge), Philip Carpenter (Wiley) and Ziyad Marar (SAGE)

Session two: Dr Felice Levine on the perspective of the USA

Session three: Sally Hardy and Professor Stephen Bailey on learned societies and the uses of publisher income; Dr Rita Gardner on the implications for learned society business models; and speaker panel with David Green, Philip Carpenter, Ziyad Marar, Sally Hardy, Stephen Bailey and Rita Gardner