Assessing the role of librarians in an Open…

Assessing the role of librarians in an Open Access world :

“This online survey was designed to gauge how the library community is responding to Open Access (OA) publishing in order to better understand librarians’ opinions of OA and what the main benefits and concerns are perceived to be. Also to understand how the role of the librarian may change in the future as a result of OA, in terms of how librarians can best assist their communities in publishing and accessing content under this evolving business model.

The detailed objectives of the research were to explore:
• Current levels of familiarity with Open Access publishing
• Current opinions of and attitudes towards Open Access
• The current role of the librarian with regards to Open Access
• Whether and how Open Access is changing the role of the librarian

The online survey was conducted in April 2012. The survey was sent out to
librarians via a posting on various library listservs, including lis‐e‐resources, LISLINK, lis‐serials, LibLicense and Serialst. 211 participants took part in the online survey; 156 (74.3%) completed it. Please note that all percentage responses shown are representative not of the total number of participants, but of the number that answered each specific question.”