Visual Summary Identification From Scientific Publications via Self-Supervised Learning

Authors : Shintaro Yamamoto, Anne Lauscher, Simone Paolo Ponzetto, Goran Glavaš, Shigeo Morishima

The exponential growth of scientific literature yields the need to support users to both effectively and efficiently analyze and understand the some body of research work. This exploratory process can be facilitated by providing graphical abstracts–a visual summary of a scientific publication.

Accordingly, previous work recently presented an initial study on automatic identification of a central figure in a scientific publication, to be used as the publication’s visual summary.

This study, however, have been limited only to a single (biomedical) domain. This is primarily because the current state-of-the-art relies on supervised machine learning, typically relying on the existence of large amounts of labeled data: the only existing annotated data set until now covered only the biomedical publications.

In this work, we build a novel benchmark data set for visual summary identification from scientific publications, which consists of papers presented at conferences from several areas of computer science. We couple this contribution with a new self-supervised learning approach to learn a heuristic matching of in-text references to figures with figure captions.

Our self-supervised pre-training, executed on a large unlabeled collection of publications, attenuates the need for large annotated data sets for visual summary identification and facilitates domain transfer for this task. We evaluate our self-supervised pretraining for visual summary identification on both the existing biomedical and our newly presented computer science data set.

The experimental results suggest that the proposed method is able to outperform the previous state-of-the-art without any task-specific annotations.

URL : Visual Summary Identification From Scientific Publications via Self-Supervised Learning