Open access journals and institutional repositories practical need…

Open access journals and institutional repositories: practical need and present trends in India :

“Trends in open access publishing in India are discussed. Data was collected from directories of open access journals and institutional repositories. The URL of each institutional repository and open access journals publisher was visited to collect relevant data and information including from earlier studies. Case study method was used to know the trends of open access publishing in India. Data is analyzed based on certain parameters, such as number of institutional repositories and open access journals, number of documents, software used, types of documents, etc. Among the top 25 open access publishing countries, India ranks 12th for the overall number of journals, but drops to 18th for journals with online content. However, its position in the list of open access journals is fifth. At present India ranks 12th in the list of countries with registered interoperable archives in the Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR).”